Fall 2020 Meeting Schedule

This group aims to be a place where men can fellowship, study God’s word, grow as followers of God and leaders in his church, and have fun together. We hope to accomplish this by regularly meeting together and building relationships.

We use a mix of video studies and Bible study discussions. Whether you’re younger or older, a mature Christian, just starting to follow Christ, or seeking and questioning who God is, we hope you’ll find a place here. All of us can learn from God’s word, where he has revealed himself and the truth. We also seek to learn from one another and lift each other up in prayer.

In the fall of 2020, we’ll return to “Culture Shock” with Chip Ingram: This video series and accompanying study takes a look at controversial and polarizing issues to help Christians understand and communicate God’s truth. “More than ever before, believers must develop convictions based on research, reason, and biblical truth. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s equally important that you’re able (and willing) to communicate these convictions with a love and respect that reflects God’s own heart.” More information is available at

We meet at 7:00 on Thursday evenings in the fellowship hall. Men–high school age and up–are welcome to join at any time! Contact Pastor Dan with any questions.